To be aware of this much more allows compare the cuticles on hair, into the bark on two palm trees. If they were dealing with in opposite directions and you tried to slide them past each other they would get stuck. This can be exactly what happens with cheap brazilian hair bundles which includes un-aligned cuticles. The price of this hair is understandably less expensive to purchase than cuticle aligned hair; however its lifespan is very minimal. After the very first wash the cuticle will expand creating the Velcro birds nest sort of appear.Lower budget Hair Production Businesses understand that people will not return to obtain far more hair from them if this happens, therefore the next most inexpensive way of producing hair extensions that do not matt, would be to use a chemical process on many of the strands of hair that wears down and strips the cuticle. The end result; hair extensions that do not matt and is not as highly-priced to provide as cuticle aligned hair. Sounds fantastic I know; even so human hair factory are actually some main draw backs. The purpose of your cuticle is top protect the hair shaft from all of the features, thus when it's not there, the hair is far more susceptible to injury from heat, chemicals, dyes and so on.