Mongolian hair which is sewn in is definitely the largest reason for traction alopecia for the reason that you can find tight braids used to implement the extensions as they're sewn into the braided "tracks". The braids are very tight within the hair so they make "tracks" which can be firm enough to withstand weight from the extra hair. Unique curved needles and thread hair have already been made to sew the hair parts in area without the need of piercing the scalp. The reality here is the fact as new hair grows it truly is pulled by the hair extension's weight - eventually resulting in traction alopecia.Cheap brazilian hair bundles which can be bonded produce traction in an additional way. Used as being the contemporary version of bees wax is bonding glue. This bonding glue is used when attaching the wefts into the scalp. This typically effects inside of a glimpse that is a lot more pure than that of weaves that happen to be sewn in. Unique glue remover is designed that helps loosen or break the glue's bond, thus allowing the cheap hair bundles to get conveniently removed. The only problem is some bonds are so sturdy that pure hair is taken away when the weft is detached.