The main reason for interweaving is that the hair's cuticles have been eliminated in the process of weaving it.Water Wave Brazilian Hair is from different countries all around the world. The most common kinds are Indian, Chinese, Latin American and Russian tresses. Today, Indian and Latin extensions are in high demand, as they are more structurally the same to Caucasian compared with the Chinese, as properly as cost less than the Russian.

On the contrary, the strands from Chinese are somewhat thick and have to undergo to acid wash to make them much thinner than the original and to look like more a Caucasian. Unluckily, the cuticles for this kind of Baby Curl Brazilian Hair are eliminated in the process of making it and it is more prone to interweave.Indian hair comes from the temples of Hindus in India, where women offer their tresses to the temples to show gratitude and respect to their goddesses. In turn, the temples will auction the Peruvian Lace frontal donated by these women to wholesalers to support their charities. The tresses are woven into wefts, or traded as ponytails. It is utilized for braids, fusion bonding and Brazilian knots.